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Fewer worries thanks to Agile teams (TaaS)

Does your organization need (a mix of) specific expertise for a complex, urgent assignment? But are the manpower and knowledge to solve this from within your organization lacking? Dedicated Agile teams offer a solution.


The self-managing teams are designed to solve specific problems for your organization in a very effective way, within a predetermined timeframe. The team members are experienced and each have their own – often very specific – expertise with which they complement each other. Thanks to this optimal mix of knowledge and experience, they make assignments a success.


Intelligence embedded

The ‘intelligence’ with which these balanced teams enrich your organization will not be lost once they have completed the assignment. On the contrary! It is precisely one of their goals to transfer knowledge to your organization right from the start and to assist in embedding it in organizational processes. This means that the hiring of this team of experts yields more than the quick and successful completion of the assignment. It also helps the organization get started faster with future projects.


Plannable, measurable and scalable

The working method of these Hero teams is characterized by complete transparency, motivated by the Agile mindset. By always giving you real-time insight into the status and their performance (via dashboards and consultations). Various workspaces have been set up at the Hero headquarters, especially for these teams. This means your team has fully equipped workplaces (tools, dashboards and other resources). The big advantage of this is that you do not need to free up/set up workstations yourself. Hero takes care of that for you as well. Naturally, the team can also work at your location.


Your team will be ready within 3 weeks

Hero sets up dedicated Agile teams (TaaS) on behalf of diverse organizations. And we do that quickly! Namely, within 3 weeks. If a team member needs to be replaced during the assignment, we will provide a suitable alternative within 48 hours.



benefits of Hero Agile teams

  1. A balanced team, up-and-running, within 3 weeks
  2. New, valuable knowledge embedded in the organization
  3. Always real-time insight into status and performance
  4. Fast and transparent work method, with a successful end result
  5. Complete facilitation of fully equipped, modern workplaces

Would you like to know more? We would be happy to tell you about it.


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