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Will you help us to give a better life to children in Nepal?


In Nepal, 87 out of 100 children have to end their basic education prematurely due to lack of funds. With that, they lose their chance of a better future, a better life. Hero is committed this year to preventing that for as many children as possible. Together with Stichting Hart4onderwijsNepal.


It takes € 140.00 to provide a better future for one child in Nepal. Currently, our campaign has raised some 35,000.00 euros, which has enabled us to make a great many children happy. To be exact:



(last update: November 2018)


November 13, 2018

As part of our Nepal campaign, we went to Nepal in October of this year, to convert the collected funds on the spot into backpacks, lesson materials and other necessities. It was – in all respects – a very impressive, special and unforgettable experience. The Noordhollands Dagblad recently published a nice article about our campaign and our travels.

February 19, 2018

The Noordhollands Dagblad published an extensive article about our Nepal campaign. Very nice to read (click on the image).


June 7, 2018

What an evening… what a location… what a party…. But most of all: what a terrific amount! We have already collected no less than 30,000 euros for children in Nepal! Last night’s benefit evening was not only a big success, it was also a fantastically enjoyable evening. We laughed with Dolf Jansen, enjoyed the food and the top location, had great conversations and… went completely nuts during the auction! We are proud of the amount, but mostly enormously grateful to everyone who contributed to this and has thus supported our Nepal campaign. Thank you for that!

Video-impressie: Nepal Benefietavond in The Harbour Club Amsterdam-Oost

Op 7 juni organiseerden wij bij The Harbour Club Amsterdam-Oost een benefietavond, met als doel om zoveel mogelijk kinderen in Nepal basisonderwijs te kunnen bieden. Starletti maakte een gave videoimpressie van deze geslaagde avond. Dus die delen we hier graag met jullie.

Geplaatst door Hero Interim Professionals op Maandag 18 juni 2018


Donations may be made to account number:
NL81INGB0007933162, attn. Stichting Hart4onderwijsNepal for Actie Hero

During the preparation and during the trip, we were advised and guided by the H4oN foundation.