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We do not believe in the strength of the individual, but in the power of individuals who stand stronger together. We believe in networking, in collaboration, in a family feeling. We help each other along. And take good care of our colleagues, candidates, customers and contacts. Because business is personal for us. Framily, friends & family, that is what Hero is all about.

A fast, high-quality, efficient and personal service. That is what we stand for. We are open, honest and work without the intervention of other agencies. Trust and partnership are our priority.

Create a job alert and decide for yourself which applications you will receive.

Does your organization need (a mix of) specific expertise for a complex, urgent assignment? But are the manpower and knowledge to solve this from within your organization lacking? Dedicated Agile teams offer a solution. The self-managing teams are designed to solve specific problems for your organization in a very effective way, within a predetermined timeframe.

Hero is an intermediary with a heart for the interim professional and soul for the client. We always go for the perfect match. It is not about fast placement and a quick score, it is about the perfect person with the right hard and soft skills, for the right job.

No longer do you have to maintain hundreds of contracts and contacts, but just one point of contact who has and provides the overview, who monitors and manages all agreements with suppliers of interim professionals and completely takes care of things. That is brokering.

For all employees who are hired on a temporary basis, but who are not registered as self-employed, we offer the option of paying them through our payroll service. We can fully take over the remuneration and handle paying social and fiscal obligations, so that that the candidate requires practically no further administrative activities.

Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to tell you about our services.


Telephone: +31 (0)85 – 222 1999.

“Going further through coaching.”

By: Tanika Henar, interim professional

‘As an interim professional, you go from assignment to assignment, and there seems to be little time to reflect on your own development. At least, that is how I experience it. Because I am quite ambitious and like to develop myself, it gives me a restless and dissatisfied feeling if I do not develop further. During a revealing discussion about this with Edwin from Hero, I was offered a coaching programme. Hero has a lot of good experiences with this and several examples from other interim personnel appealed to me enormously. So I decided to followed that advice and with success … This has truly helped me!


It has given insight into myself; in my qualities, but also in things I have to develop. In particular, it has helped me to focus on my personal ambition and growth, regardless of the assignments that I fulfill at that moment. That restless feeling has disappeared now. And new energy has taken its place. It was very helpful that Hero supported me in this proces.”


We are happy to share our network and expertise. And we love interesting speakers and substantive conferences, but also good food and a nice glass of wine. That is why we regularly organize events for candidates and clients: squash clinics, company visits, meet-ups, dinners and much more. That is what Hero is all about. A small impression…

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